Freak Worx Studios is a high quality home based project recording studio capable of delivering professional quality results for most recording projects. From tracking to mixing to arranging and producing... we can help you do it all. Have a melody recorded on your cell phone, or an idea on paper, we can help you make it a reality. No matter how big or how small, every project will receive the same care and attention. We have the experience and the equipment your project needs to bring it to life.

What Freak Worx lacks in physical size we make up in quality. Counting on gear from top audio manufactures, (such as Neumann, Apogee, Avalon, API, and more), we have the tools you'll need to set your project off and runing. All without the high, out-of-reach cost of your typical recording studio. At Freak Worx, we'll work with "your budget" and not the other way around!

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